Fire Alarm System

The Fire Alarm System is consist of the following:

Fire Alarm Control Panel

The Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) monitors and manages all functions of the fire alarm system, with the primary purpose of detecting a fire and a smoky condition.

Smoke Detectors

A smoke-detection device that detects and warns of the presence of smoke automatically.

Duct Detectors

Smoke and combustion products in the air travelling through HVAC ducts are detected early by duct smoke detectors.

Strobe Lights

A device that produces regular light flashes. It is one of a number of stroboscopes that can be utilised.

Pull Stations

A fire alarm pull station is a component of your fire alarm system that must be manually actuated.

Fireproof Bells

It employs aural cues to warn residents of a fire or other emergency situation that necessitates action.

Annunciator Panels

The state of an alarm system or system is shown by an Annunciator Panel, which consists of a variety of visible indications such as "flags" or bulbs.

Water Flow Sensors

For Sprinkler Monitoring Packages, A copper body, a water rotor, and a hall-effect sensor make up a water flow sensor. When water runs through the rotor, the speed of the rotor changes.

Air Conditioning and Elevator Control Shutdown

The primary goals of the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system are to maintain acceptable indoor air quality through proper ventilation and filtration, as well as to provide thermal comfort.